Top 10 eBook Reader Apps for Android

Reading books is the best thing to do at your leisure time. Well, honestly, there are few people who hates reading books, as while reading the book they either feel sleepy or get bored reading the fat books. Sometimes, while travelling it is difficult to carry around the whole trunk of books anywhere you go. However, in the world modern technology; almost everyone lost interest in the printed books as the eBook reader apps for android are gaining more popularity around the world these days. Many people have started reading in their Smartphone and Tablet as it makes them easier to carry around their favourite books anywhere they go.

The best gadget is Tablet device, which is light and offers the users with great reading experience. Not only that, on Tablet you can store more than thousands of books easily. So, in this content we will discuss about the best eBook reader apps for Android. However, there are lots of eBook reader apps available for Android device. So, it is very hard to find the right eBook Reader apps for Android. Not to worry about anything, as we bring for you the best Android eBook Reader apps for free. So, let’s get started and keep reading it.

Top 10 eBook Reader Apps for Android:

As you know, eBook Reader is a very useful app especially for the students. It helps in their studies, which makes it easier for them to download it and read it anytime. So, here we have the list of eBook reader apps for Android. So, let’s move on.

1. Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Kindle is considered to be the best eBook Reader for Android. This app offers you the best reading experience than you ever imagine. It offers you over 1.5 millions of books including magazine, newspaper and much more. Apart from that, you can also find over millions of Kindle books where you can enjoy your entire favourite and popular magazine in one app.

In fact, it also includes built-in Dictionary like Google, Wikipedia, which allows you to learn about the words instantly while reading. Furthermore, it lets you sync your eBooks on any devices automatically and even read the latest book sample for free before you buy it.

2. Google Play Books:

Here is yet another eBooks Reader app called Google Play Book in the internet. As per the name suggest, it is launched under Google. This app offers you millions of books which include New York Times, latest new release books, bestsellers and much more. It is very easy to use, in fact, you can easily adjust the font size and find the great reading experience with this app.

Apart from that, you can read books either online or offline and start reading where you have left it on your device for free. It also offers you to bookmark the pages, add notes and highlights text. This app also support sync feature through which you can sync into different devices easily and take it and read it anywhere you go on any device. In addition to that, it also support reading modes like you can choose either day or night mode while reading it.

3. Aldiko Book Reader:

In case, if you want more feature in your eBook Reader Apps then we recommend you to use this Aldiko Book Reader. This is the best eBook Reader as it supports almost all the eBooks format easily. It has more than 30 million users around the world. As we said earlier, it supports almost all kinds of eBook formats which include EPUB files, PDF and much more. Apart from that, it is fully customizable through which you will find the greatest reading experience ever.

It comes with lots of features like you can easily adjust the font size, background colours line spacing and much more. Even you can create your own bookmark anywhere and easily jump to the next topic on your device. Furthermore, experience the in-app shopping through which you can browse huge collection of eBooks for free.

4. Kobo Books-Reading App:

Now, reading books has become easier which is right at your fingertips. Kobo Books is the yet another best eBooks reader apps for Android, which allows you to browse the huge collection of eBooks, Children’s books and Comics. With the help of this app, you can easily read anytime in your free time on your tablet and Smartphone for free. It offers you a search bar through which you can discover different eBooks just type either by Author, topic, genre and much more.

Apart from that, you can easily customize it according to you by adjusting the font size, style or even adjust the night mode and much more. You can even pick up right where have left off reading easily and it automatically sync in through your notes, bookmarks and much more across your devices. In addition to that, you even can share it on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

5. Moon+ Reader:

Moon+ Reader is yet another great eBook Reading app, where you will discover thousands of eBooks for free and even can download them through online on your device. This app is the most powerful one as it comes with amazing day and night reading mode and can control the reading effects like real page turning, which is seems to be cool right.

Apart from that, it has lots of features like you can zoom the page; adjust the brightness and much more. Furthermore, it offers you backup option in the cloud storage where you can sync in across your devices easily.

6. AlReader:

AlReader is the latest eBook Reader in the market, which offers lots of features in it. This app is especially designed for those who love reading fiction stories. It supports many formats like fb2, fb3, fbz and much more. It also support text-to Speech and provides local library for the users where you will find huge selection of series, authors, genres and much more.

Apart from that, it also supports different languages like English, Russian, German and much more. In fact, it even comes with wave reading feature and customize scrolling and much more. We can say it is worth trying this app.

7. Bookari eBook Reader:

You might know that Bookari eBook Reader was originally known as Montana Reader. We recommend you to try out this app. With the help of this app, you can easily sync in to your eBooks reader on any of your devices. You can also buy huge collection of books, which is available in the online store.

Apart from that, it supports almost all kinds of eBooks formats which include PDF and EPUB2. It is very easy to use and we are sure that you will love using this app.

8. Cool Reader:

Cool Reader as the name suggests, it supports almost all types of formats which includes like html, EPUB, fb2 and much more. It comes with many cool features like page scrolling animation, bookmarks, proof reading and much more.

However, you might find it hard to use for the first time but you will get use to it once you start using it daily. We recommend that this app is worth to try out.

9. FReader:

Here we are again with another eBook Reader apps for Android, FReader. This app supports for all kinds of formats, even though when you see the design of this app may not be impressive but yet it has some useful features. Apart from that, it allow us to read comics, PDF files and even can listen to the audio version of books in one app. Cool Isn’t it.

You can even send any document files and print it out instantly. In addition to that, it supports different languages like English, French, German, Russian and much more. However, this app supports ads which are a little bit annoying though but yet it is also the best eBooks Reader app for Android.

10. EBookDroid:

EBookDroid is yet another best eBooks Reader apps for Android. This app supports all formats which include XPS, fb2, DJVU, PDF and much more. But this app mainly focuses on DYVU and PDF files.

It comes with lots of features like external dictionary, text selection and much more. Meanwhile, it supports more features like format options that help you to experience the greater reading ever.


In the above content, we have covered the free eBook Reader apps for Android. So as you know for most of the people loves reading books and find it hard to take it anywhere they go. So, all these eBooks are the best in the markets and will definitely make you easier to carry around wherever you go and read it according to your convenient time. Therefore, pack up all your things including your eBooks and enjoy travelling with your mini-pocket book to read it anywhere you go. Which one is your favourite? Do Share with us.

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